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Go To Market Masterclass is excerpted from the author's new book in progress - Three Week Theory - a comprehensive 21-day workshop for startups that are working towards their product/business launch.

What Most People Get Wrong About GTM?

One basic difference. Many people often use the terms 'Go To Market' and 'Launch' interchangeably. While both are interrelated, they are not the same. A GTM strategy can be used for several scenarios, even as a part of routine marketing operations; a launch would just be a part of a larger strategy not limited to the Go To Market strategy alone.

Simply put, you're not doing it right if you're:

  • Focusing only on the pitch. One of the most common mistakes that product marketers do is to focus only on the pitch. While you may get the audience right, you may not be establishing the connection.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Lack of Proper Market Research. Most of the product marketing professionals either assume 'Marketing Research' as 'Market Research' or they deliberately miss out on doing that exercise assuming it to be a tough task. Early-stage startup founders fear spending thousands of dollars just for a 300-page report. While that fear is acceptable, the lack of effort to get some basic information to validate their business idea is not.
  • Improper Brand Positioning. 'Done is better than perfect' is taken a little too far, by most of the startup founders. Well. I'm not a perfectionist either, but, it is important to get the basics right to scale, at least? Try and answer some of the basic questions to vet your core principles.
  • Marketing Channels. The real budget burner. Preparing for a pitch without knowing your audience is like writing a love letter 'to whomsoever it may concern'.

Say Goodbye to Instinctive Decisions.

Here are 3 horrible pitfalls for any CEOs.

Bad Habit #1:

Going by instincts

While there is nothing wrong about following your instincts, the major problem is relying only on them, and not backed by research.

Bad Habit #2:

Not validating your solutions

Develop MVP, try beta, listen to your early customers, and be proactive in delivering solutions that they may love or hate, and yet would find difficult without it.

Bad Habit #3:

Not planning systems & processes

Build processes to ensure unity in command & direction in your team. Set up standard operational procedures for each & every department, and work function.

Don't worry. We have it all covered!

This Go To Market masterclass is a three-week cohort, which you can either cover in just three days or in 21 days, depending on your schedule. The curriculum is designed to help you get a broader perspective on the overall scheme of things for your business. Once you complete this, you would be equipped to take a prudent decision towards developing your Go To Market strategy (and your launch as well).

Excerpted from Three Week Theory

Complete Curriculum

Week 1 - Research Phase
  • Identify Your Intent
  • Identify Your Target Group
  • Know Your Competitors
  • Brand Positioning
  • Open-up Private Beta
  • Prepare a Pitch Book
  • Join Beta Launch Sites
Week 2 - Development Phase
  • Public Forums
  • Handling Customer Support
  • Technical Documentation
  • Video Creation
  • Fix PR Strategy
  • Beta Users' Feedback
  • Identify Marketing Channels
Week 3 - Deployment Phase
  • Set the date & plan
  • Focus on branding
  • Develop content & creatives
  • Target - Pitch - Retarget
  • Create a nurture stream
  • LAUNCH - Get to the media
  • Lead generation and conversions

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  • 3-day quickfire workshop
  • Limited access to resource materials
  • Access to one group Q&A webinar





  • 21-day dedicated boot camp
  • Full access to all resource materials
  • Download editable templates
  • Schedule two 30-min one-on-ones with the mentor


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  • Organization review and audit
  • Dedicated consultant for change management
  • Goal setting and journey mapping by the mentor

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